Impact monitoring of Tempus GREENCO project

In the context of the continuous monitoring of the Erasmus+ programme, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has developed a comprehensive field monitoring policy.

The aim of the meeting is to assess the relevance, impact, and sustainability of the project results on different levels (individuals, organizations, systems). To this effect, the meeting should concentrate on the sustainability of the project and the dissemination and exploitation of its results.

Special attention will be paid to presenting the project impact as a whole (at individual, institutional, local, regional and national levels) during the monitoring visit.

On September 4, 2017, at Odessa national polytechnic university, an impact monitoring of TEMPUS GREENCO project will take place.


The monitoring of the Impact and Sustainability of the Tempus/Erasmus+ project guidelines

Monitoring Agenda

Green IT Engineering: Concepts, Models, Complex Systems Architectures

The results of Tempus GREENCO project deliverables was published by Springer in Green IT Engineering: Concepts, Models, Complex Systems Architectures

Editors:  Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Kondratenko  Yuriy,  Janusz Kacprzyk (Eds.)

2017, XIV, 305 p. 101, illustrations, 56 illustrations in color, Hardcover 

ISBN: 978-3-319-44161-0 

▶ Presents systematic research of principles, models, components and complex systems and describes industry and society-oriented aspects of green IT engineering

▶ Applies a chapter-oriented structure from hardware and software components to complex industry systems

▶ Describes step by step the elements of green IT engineering taxonomy, logically adding one to the other

About the book:

This volume provides a comprehensive state of the art overview of a series of advanced trends and concepts that have recently been proposed in the area of green information technologies engineering as well as of design and development methodologies for models and complex systems architectures and their intelligent components. The contributions included in the volume have their roots in the authors’ presentations, and vivid discussions that have followed the presentations, at a series of workshop and seminars held within the international TEMPUS-project GreenCo project in United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the Ukraine, during 2013-2015 and at the 1st – 5th Workshops on Green and Safe Computing (GreenSCom) held in Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine. The book presents a systematic exposition of research on principles, models, components and complex systems  and a description of industry- and society-oriented aspects of the green IT engineering. A chapter-oriented structure has been adopted for this book following a “vertical view” of the green IT, from hardware (CPU and FPGA) and software components to complex industrial systems.

The 15 chapters of the book are grouped into five sections:

(1) Methodology and Principles of Green IT Engineering for Complex Systems

(2) Green Components and Programmable Systems

(3) Green Internet Computing, Cloud and Communication Systems

(4) Modeling and Assessment of Green Computer Systems and Infrastructures

(5) Green PLC-Based Systems for Industry Applications

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TEMPUS GREENCO final meeting in ISTI-CNR, Pisa, 2016

Final meeting in frame of TEMPUS GREENCO project was hold in ISTI-CNR during May 29 – 30, 2016.
Partners presented their activities related to teaching courses development for MsC and PhD, dissemination of project, sustainability, shared the experience and draw up a plans for PhD incubators and future of GREENCO developments.

TEMPUS GreenCo final meeting presentation


During October 12-13, 2015  Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) institute “A. Faedo” of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), ISTI-CNR, held technical meeting and workshop in frame of TEMPUS GREENCO project and not only.

The following organizations presented their research and curricula development on green, secure and safe ICT:

  • Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) institute “A. Faedo” of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), ISTI-CNR
  • National Aerospace University n. a. M. E. Zhukovsky “KhAI”
  • University of banking of the National bank of Ukraine (Kyiv city)
  • G. E. Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering IPME of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


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Joint Training School & Battle of IT-Startups (GreenSup), 2015 September 5-10, Mykolaiv, Ukraine





During September 5-10 in Ukraine, Mykolaiv, TEMPUS GREENCO, TEMPUS SEREIN and TEMPUS CABRIOLET consortia will meet together one more time in order to organise Joint Training School & Battle of IT-Startups (GreenSup).


See GreenSUP agenda





  • Students (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD), university teachers (lecturers, professors,), managers and engineers of IT companies belonging to projects consortia (see 13 student teams from 8 Universities in Ukraine;
  • Representatives of IT companies and universities participating in the School as lecturers, trainers and experts.


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TEMPUS GreenCo “GreenSCom” workshop in Slovakia (Zilina)

The next meeting in the frame of TEMPUS GreenCo project will be conducted in the University of Zilina in July, 7-9, 2015 in Zilina, Slovakia.

This meeting will be organized together with the 5th Workshop on Green and Safe Computing and Communication (GreenSCom2015) in frame of International Conference on Information and Digital Technologies 2015.

Project partners should prepare presentations about the progress of TEMPUS GreenCo project and discuss future plans.


TEMPUS GREENCO meeting in Uzhhorod National University

Another meeting  in frame of TEMPUS GREENCO project was organized in the Uzhhorod National Unviersity  during 12-13 of May, 2015.

This meeting was organized as a technical meeting with presentation developed teaching programmes for MSc and PhD students and Lifelong learning modules and also to disseminate the project results.

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TEMPUS GREENCO meeting and workshop in frame of PACET Conference

Another meeting in frame of TEMPUS GREENCO project was held in the University of Ioannina during PACET 2015 Conference during 8-9 of May, 2015.

This meeting was organized as an open workshop “Green Computing and Communications” (more than 12 papers were presented at the Conference, as a dissemination of GREENCO project results) and technical meeting with presentation of further improved teaching programmes for MSc and PhD students and Lifelong learning modules.

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Final of the Battle of Students IT startups

On March 20, 2015 the final IT-startup competition “IT-Eureka! Ukraine” was held in Odessa, Ukraine, in the frame of 1st Ukrainian Forum of IT-students’ Innovation. More than 120 students, teachers and representatives of Ukrainian innovative start-ups and IT enterprise took part in the Forum. The number of accepted projects is 444.

This event was a continuation of the battle for students from Computer Systems of Networks department of “KhAI”, started last year in October.

The jury of the competition:

  • Hans Lundberg (Vice-President of the European Academy of Management EURAM, Brussels, Belgium)
  • Niklas Malmros (President of Sigma Technology Solutions AB, Vahyo, Sweden)
  • Vladimir Rogovsky (Director of Business Incubator WannaBiz, Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Viktor Kauk (associate professor of Department of Software Engineering at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
  • Natalia Potapova (manager of educational programs of Sigma Software, Kharkiv, Ukraine).

A team from the Department of Computer Systems and Networks of “KhAI” with following members: Anton Zhmyrov, Anton Lapko, Ihor Diachenko, Zhanna Shelimanova, Oroma Roseline Ohochukwu with  mentors Olga Yanovskaya and Maxim Yanovsky took II place with the project  «YouDrop: Architecture and software tools for building the infrastructure of distributed cloud» and received a special prize from companies GeeksLab and FlyElephant.

This event was organised with the support of the following TEMPUS projects:

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YouDrop – Official Video