Green IT Engineering: Concepts, Models, Complex Systems Architectures

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The results of Tempus GREENCO project deliverables was published by Springer in Green IT Engineering: Concepts, Models, Complex Systems Architectures

Editors:  Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Kondratenko  Yuriy,  Janusz Kacprzyk (Eds.)

2017, XIV, 305 p. 101, illustrations, 56 illustrations in color, Hardcover 

ISBN: 978-3-319-44161-0 

▶ Presents systematic research of principles, models, components and complex systems and describes industry and society-oriented aspects of green IT engineering

▶ Applies a chapter-oriented structure from hardware and software components to complex industry systems

▶ Describes step by step the elements of green IT engineering taxonomy, logically adding one to the other

About the book:

This volume provides a comprehensive state of the art overview of a series of advanced trends and concepts that have recently been proposed in the area of green information technologies engineering as well as of design and development methodologies for models and complex systems architectures and their intelligent components. The contributions included in the volume have their roots in the authors’ presentations, and vivid discussions that have followed the presentations, at a series of workshop and seminars held within the international TEMPUS-project GreenCo project in United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the Ukraine, during 2013-2015 and at the 1st – 5th Workshops on Green and Safe Computing (GreenSCom) held in Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine. The book presents a systematic exposition of research on principles, models, components and complex systems  and a description of industry- and society-oriented aspects of the green IT engineering. A chapter-oriented structure has been adopted for this book following a “vertical view” of the green IT, from hardware (CPU and FPGA) and software components to complex industrial systems.

The 15 chapters of the book are grouped into five sections:

(1) Methodology and Principles of Green IT Engineering for Complex Systems

(2) Green Components and Programmable Systems

(3) Green Internet Computing, Cloud and Communication Systems

(4) Modeling and Assessment of Green Computer Systems and Infrastructures

(5) Green PLC-Based Systems for Industry Applications

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